Patrick Duff was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. For the last decade Patrick has been attending Camp Kwasind as a camper and a leader. During his last summer as a camper Patrick devoted his life to Christ and has been involved in ministry ever since. During his time as a staff member in the summer of 2018 he met his wife Jess Barker, who he married in the Spring of 2020. As a young adult Patrick felt a calling to make movies that would spread the gospel.
This passion led him to pursue the study of professional filmmaking and he attended Humber College to study Film and Television Production. He graduated this program in the Spring of 2020. Patrick aims to have a full-time career in the field of film ministry. In addition to filmmaking, Patrick has also taken a strong interest in youth ministry. For over five years Patrick served at Camp Kwasind and various CBOQ youth events. Additionally, Patrick spent last year working as a video intern at Lorne Park Baptist Church, and a video editor for an online camp program produced by Clarkson Community Church.
Today Patrick is serving at Hope Community as a ministry intern. He is a youth leader and assists in the development of church video content. Patrick loves spending time with his friends and family online and in-person. He enjoys watching movies, writing screenplays, shooting and starring in his own movies, playing board games and playing video games.