You would like to visit HOPEcommunity but have no idea what to expect?
We hope to give you some answers…
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What time should I show up?

…our service starts right at 10.00am. After the service you are welcome to grab a coffee and some snacks and meet some nice people.
What should I wear?
…whatever makes you feel comfortable. There is no dress code. You will find many people showing up in Jeans and T-Shirt, others enjoy the opportunity to dress up a little – feel free to choose whatever you find appropriate.
What kind of people go to HOPEcommunity?
…all kinds. From toddlers and kids through youth and young adults, single people, young and old married couples, parents, grandparents… you can be sure to find someone in your age group! There are people from various professions. In general, we are regular everyday people, we don’t claim to be perfect or unique, we just love to be part of our church family.
How will I find my way around?
…once you enter the parking lot you can’t miss the main entrance. This leads straight into the main gymnatorium. Look out for the big signs in the entrance area that will direct you to the bathrooms and kids rooms. Or simply ask someone who looks like they know their way around. They will be happy to help you out.
What about my Kids?
…bring them with you into the main gymnatorium for the start of the service. After one or two songs there will be an announcement that the children will be dismissed into their kids programs. We offer programs for ages 0 up to 10. If you like, you can walk them into their rooms, simply follow the crowd. Changing tables are located in the bathrooms.
What does the usual Service look like?
…at 10.00am someone will open up the service, sometimes with a little ice breaker or game. We will then move into a time of praise and worship where the band leads us into some songs. Most of the congregation will stand up, some will lift their hands or dance, others will remain seated. There will be announcements and a sermon, once a month you are welcome to join in communion with us. After the service you can help yourself to more coffee and snacks, meet some nice people, or go up to members of our prayer team if you would like to receive prayer.
What kind of music is there?
…we sing a blend of contemporary worship songs and always seek to honor God in our music. Depending on the day there will be a band of 2 to 6 musicians, including guitars, base, keys, drums, vocals and more.
Is the venue Wheelchair accessible?
…yes it is. Everything is on ground level without any steps and wide enough for wheelchairs to easily fit through everywhere. You will also find two large bathrooms that are barrier free.