icon bible
We are a Bible Teaching church. The Bible is the Word of Life that changes people and leads them into the new life that God has promised.
icon ear
We are a community that emphasizes Faith. As we seek God for His plans and boldly put them into action, positive change will take place in our community.
icon hands
We are committed to Kingdom Ministry.  We will care for the poor, serve our community, and bring hope to families in a genuine and loving manner.
icon pray
We are deeply committed to Prayer and Fasting as the key source of power for the ministry that God has called us to.
icon plant
We are a Life Giving church. God wants us to discover & use our gifts, talents & passions to encourage, heal, instruct, bless & serve others.
icon up
We are passionate about giving Glory to God. It’s not about us, it’s about God.  Pride, tradition, forms & styles can’t get in the way of honouring God.
icon puzzle
We are a Partnership Church. We bless other ministries to advance God’s plans & commissions.  There is a spiritual unity among all Christians.
icon globe Kopie
We are a Commissioning Church. As people grow in wisdom & faith, we will affirm God’s calling on their lives and commission them to fulfill His plans.